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(artform for the Mac & PC)

art management software


ArtForm™ was the first gallery management software to include images, and has now become, after thirty years, the standard in art management software, with many features designed especially for the Art World.

It is completely Internet aware for e-mail and web publishing.

ArtForm™ has a screen that at a glance shows everything that needs to be done daily: clients to contact, works that are due back, suppliers to be called, etc.

ArtForm™ will store all e-mails, letters, faxes, original documents, sent and received, with the client’s card, and/or the work’s card, where they can always be found (even across a network of users).

It automatically links correspondence with the work discussed in it, to cross reference and allow for easy retrieval of relevant correspondence about a work.

The same is true for offers made to clients.

In PROJECTS you have a screen where you can see everything that is related to a specific project, like an art show or single artist: all the people met there, all the works taken, all the related correspondence, invoices, consignments, expenses, etc.

You can use ArtForm™ to create invoices and consignments, shipping papers and so on ( every element is then updated automatically), keep track of what’s due, calculate your VAT returns and use the built-in accounting.

ArtForm™ runs on any type of computer.

These and many other feature are all integrated in a well designed and easy to use package.

Current ArtForm users include Art galleries, dealers, collectors, artists, Art foundations, banks, academic institutions, insurers, art experts.

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